Be Stronger Than the Fad Diets This Upcoming Holiday Season

September is here. That means there are only a few more months left in the year! And four months to hit the ground running with your goals and be ready for the upcoming holidays. The next couple of months will fly by and be filled with events and holidays, one right after another. First Halloween , followed by Thanksgiving, and  then all of the holidays, work parties, and other festive celebrations in December.



The question is – how are you preparing for the next few months so that the holidays aren’t controlling you?


Marketers will work even harder to try to sell you their latest diets and products – diet pills, detoxes, restrictive meal plans, exercise videos and more – as we approach the end of the year.  By starting now and being ready for the holidays, you will begin the new year in full control without feeling like you have to give the latest fad diet a try. 



In order to take any shame, guilt, and worry you may have about the upcoming holiday season away, here are three tips to help you get and stay on track through the holidays.


Be Consistent


Whether you have just started tracking your meals/snacks, joined a gym, or began a meditation routine, remain consistent with it!  Consistency is the key to making big changes over time. Start somewhere and remain consistent. So by the time the holidays come, you have habits in place and you are ready to work through any challenging weeks you will come by. 



Accountability and Support 


Hire a nutritionist or coach that can help hold you accountable. The holiday season only makes your journey harder and January will not be any easier if you avoid beginning your journey today. The holidays may seem like a good reason to push off goals that you’ve set for yourself but in fact, it is the best time to have as much support as possible.


A plan that works for YOU


It’s possible that people at work, neighbors or friends have started different diets that have worked for them and so they have suggested you to try them as well. However, how do you know that it those recommendations will work well for you? There is not one specific diet that works for everyone. Since we are all different,  we need an individualized meal plan that is tailored to our bodies and needs. Find the plan that is tailored to you specifically! If you begin now and  stick with it, you will have positive habits and begin to see results prior to the start of the holiday season. 



The holidays can seem extremely overwhelming, especially with weight loss and health goals in mind. However, they do not have to be! Holidays should be a time to enjoy with friends and family, try delicious foods, and relax. By starting now, you will avoid all the negative feelings that come with indulgent holiday parties and meals and will be ready to take them on by storm.


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