Tips to Staying Healthy this Halloween

Halloween is here! And this means spooky movies, scary costumes, fun parties, and endless supply of candy. When it comes to holidays, it’s usually challenging to stay on track and up to par with a diet or exercise routine. However, there are always tricks to keeping yourself on track:


Stay on track with your meals

Thinking ahead is a great way to stay consistent and on track. However, if you’re anticipating indulging a bit more than usual, a common misconception is to cut down on calories before to “compensate”. This method of trying to balance a cheat meal usually leads to overeating of portions and can actually negatively affect metabolic efficiency. Keep your meals, snacks, and water intake up to par and when it’s time to “cheat”, you will definitely avoid overindulging.


Eat before any festivities

Going hand in hand with staying on track, the last thing you want to do is eat those “not-so-healthy” candies or foods in lieu of a balanced meal. Ideally, your meals should include a balance of protein, carbs, and fat for an efficient metabolism.


Make an extra round around the neighborhood

If you ever went trick or treating on Halloween, you know it was essential to ring as many doorbells as you could to get as much candy as possible! Keep this same mentality going this Halloween. But instead of aiming to get as much candy as you can, aim to get in as many steps as you can. By the end of the night, you’ll be sure to be feeling great!


Pick your candy wisely

We understand that sneaking in a candy or two is bound to happen this evening, we are no one to judge. However, if you are trying to keep your goal in mind and reduce risk of blowing your diet, chasing the “healthiest” options are a great way to keep you on the ball. Scroll through this list to see which of the Halloween “healthiest candies” catch your eye!


Treat yourself!

Needing to manage every calorie or macronutrient in your diet can be simply too stressful. Loosening up a bit can be more conducive to your overall wellness than micromanaging every aspect of your diet. Word from the wise: don’t beat yourself up. This Halloween, stay on track, eat balanced meals, walk more, and treat (or trick) yourself!

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