New Year, New you? How to Stick to your New Year Resolution

To be honest, the miracle cure to your weight lost problem is you! You are the key to change, and we promise you can and will do it this year! Still not feeling confident in the New Year Resolution you made for yourself? We’ve got some tips to help you stick with your resolution all year long.


Prepare Yourself

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; preparing yourself for the change is the first step in changing! Do research, organize, start follow inspiring people on social media. Prepare yourself for what you want to change, by understanding what it takes to get there. You can start to set realistic goals, and understand the amount of time it might take to get somewhere. Preparing yourself sets up a strong foundation for success!


Self Care

There will be great days, and sometimes there will be really, really hard days. Self care will be the tool to avoiding burn out. Self care can be anything from a daily meditation practice, or an adult-friendly coloring book. Whatever makes the stress go away is what you need to use regularly. Most importantly, know that enviably there will be a bad day, and you might feel like skipping a gym day or eating out when it’s not your cheat meal. However, don’t let that be the end all, know that self care techniques are there to lift you back up and help you stay on track!


Group Support

The people who find the most success in accomplishing goals, are those who have a community of support. Taking on a new meal plan or signing up for the gym for the first can be intimidating if you do it alone. Ask a friend to do it with you! Sign up for group classes! Find a nutritionist or personal trainer to work with! Trust us, it’s harder to do something alone. Build your own community of support to help you stick to your resolution all year long!


Take Action

If you prepared and prepared, or you have a repeating theme in your New Year resolutions, then you just have to do it. Don’t keep repeating yourself like a broken record. Start your resolution for a healthier you! Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s inconvenient. But the only way to get change is to start it!


Use all these tips to make sure this is the last year you make this resolution! Are you ready to start the year with a new you? Take the metabolic quiz to find the perfect meal plan for a healthier year!


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