What in the world are persimmons?

If you’ve been hanging out with us for awhile, and read Eating with the Seasons: Fall Edition, then you may have noticed a fruit called a persimmon that we mentioned. You may have also then immediately asked ‘what the heck is a persimmon’? According to the Farmer’s Almanac, persimmons are actually berries, also known as ‘Divine Fruit’, and originally from ancient China. Persimmons are now a common fall and winter grocery store commodity throughout the world, but more often than not they sit not the shelves, often being questioned by shoppers.


So, what does a persimmon taste like?

Well, it’s a bit sweet, and it’s often compared to an apricot. Persimmons make excellent baked desserts, or as an addition to your morning oatmeal. Next time you’re looking to spice up your breakfast routine try baking a few oats, persimmons, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove together. The house will start to smell like a winter cottage, and your stomach will be thanking you for the delightful gift.

The key to enjoying this fruit, is knowing when and how to eat a persimmon. Be sure to pick the fruit that is ripe to ensure the best quality and taste. Eating an unripe persimmon may leave you with an unpleasant experience. Once you’ve found the perfectly harvested option, you can decide whether to bake, like we mentioned earlier, or eat raw! The skins are completely edible, but feel free to ditch the skin and just scoop out the innards!


Okay, you might be questioning us on why you should try this exotic looking fruit. You now know what to expect, but do you still need more convincing?



Well, if you take a look at the persimmon, it’s often a bright orange color. This coloring means the produce is rich in beta carotene. Beta carotene is a known chemical that contributes to eye and skin health, as it acts a precursor to vitamin A. Persimmons are also great sources of other nutrient like vitamin C and fiber, making it a great nutrient-dense snack to hold you over until dinner.

Check out your local grocery store this week, and find new ways to incorporate this funky fruit into your meal plan!




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