Best Post-Workout Habits to Create

The health industry is full of expensive products and large claims. It can be hard to figure out which post-out shake is ideal for you. Don’t get overwhelmed after a good workout on what you should take. We’ve got your daily dose of tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your work out!



We can see the unhappy look on your face from a mile away, but you’ve got to take time to stretch! Stretching is an important post-work out activity that most of us skip too often. Taking just five minutes can save you lots of pain and help you get even more gain! Cooling down our muscles properly after a workout is essential to a quicker recovery period. It’s also important to stretch out that stiff back and add flexibility in those hip flexors! You’re not going to be able to squat low if you don’t have the flexibility for it! Stretching is the easiest tool to boost post-workout recovery, improve flexibility, and make sure you at your peak performance. Take the five minutes at the end of your work out!



Refueling with proper nutrition is the next step in any great post-workout routine. This is probably the point where your asking what you should be taking. We suggest a heaping dose of water and nutrient-dense foods! Yes, you heard right, just some apples and peanut butter and a tall glass of water. Hydration, electrolytes and protein are all important for muscle recovery after a work, but don’t be fooled by marketing schemes. Water and wholesome foods are the best way to recover!



Please, take the time to rest. We can’t stress how important this tip is! Rest is absolutely necessary for post-workout recovery. That might mean taking a rest day or two between workouts. We know, pain is gain, but pain also leads to injury. If you too injured to workout, then you’re not going to make an progress towards your goals. If anything, it will only make it hard to accomplish goals if you don’t take time to rest. Good sleep and low impact activities are easy ways to be rested and rejuvenated for your next day of heavy lifting!


Try incorporating some of these tips into your post-workout routine to boost your recovery!


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