5 Tips for Better Meal Prep

Truth is- meal prepping can be an intimidating task! The idea of being in the kitchen for a long period of time can seem exhausting and make you want to rethink your decision to get it done. However, not only can meal prepping actually make a huge impact in helping you reach your goals, it can also free up some time in your evening after a busy day. Like anything new, it takes time to figure out how to make meal prepping part of your normal routine; using these 5 tips can help you figure out how to make the most out of your meal prep so it becomes a simple, life-long habit. 

1.Have a Goal

First ask yourself, how many days of the week do you want to meal prep for? Maybe you work a Monday through Friday job and need only 5 lunches prepped. Or perhaps, you want all lunches and dinners prepared for the week. If you have more of an irregular schedule, maybe you will choose to only prepare meals for a few days and then cook again later in the week. You also want to try and set a specific day where you will meal prep and put it into your schedule. You are more likely to accomplish this goal if you treat it like an appointment in your calendar.

2. Have a Planned Menu

The next thing you may want to focus on is planning out your menu! Once you have a goal for how many meals you want to prepare, choose a few recipes you want to make. Focus on finding recipes that have a balance of healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables in them. Write down everything you need to buy for each recipe to help save you some time when you’re at the grocery store.

3.Batch Cook!

Once you have your recipes planned out, try to batch cook as many of the ingredients as you can. If you have ingredients that overlap in multiple recipes or have a large array of vegetables to prepare, consider using sheet pans or a crock pot to cook large amounts at a time. This will also leave you with fewer dishes to clean once you are done with your prep. 

4.Invest in the Right Kitchen Tools 

In order to make the meal preparation as simple and efficient as possible, be sure to get the proper tools you need. You may want to invest in a good set of knives, good quality storage containers, and sharpies to label your meals. Having these appropriate tools can make your prep go more smoothly and make it more enjoyable as well! 

5.Switch It Up! 

In order to avoid getting bored from eating the same dish over and over, try and switch up your meal prep recipes from week to week! Doing this will allow you to enjoy a variety and learn how to prepare different types of meals. You may find that you have a few go-to’s which makes for a quick meal prep but also feel free to allow yourself to get creative and try new dishes. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with meal prepping, don’t worry! It takes time to make it a routine and find what works best for you. When you are ready to dive into meal prepping, check out these tips to help you get started.

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