3 Steps to Maintain Your Weight During the Holidays

Holiday season is officially upon us and with that comes a lot of parties, festivities and food! This time of year can be challenging and overwhelming when working on your health and wellness journey. In order to reduce some of the stress you may be feeling, entering the holidays with a plan to keep you on track can be very helpful! 

Try out these three steps to maintain your weight during the holiday and feel amazing going into the new year! 

Be Realistic 

Instead of setting an all-or-nothing mindset going into the holidays, be realistic about the action items and goals you set for yourself. Instead of telling yourself you won’t eat any sweets throughout the entire holiday season, focus on something smaller and more realistic, such as not having the sweets offered at the office. If you do want to indulge at the parties or events that are most important for you, you can set up a realistic plan for those specific days as well. 

Know Your Challenges

During the holiday season, we often have very busy weeks or maybe changes in our normal schedules and routines. Perhaps you have family visiting, you are going out of town, or you are changing up your work schedule – all of these things can cause us to feel overwhelmed and get us off track from our normal planning and prepping. By knowing what you have coming up, you can better plan your weeks. Instead of letting the challenge ruin your routine, create a new action plan for the holidays that you are able to stick to regardless of situations.

Have a Plan

As you celebrate the holidays and attend different events and parties, remember to have a plan. Going into the holiday celebrations blindly can lead you to overeat, feel stuck without prepared meals, and get off balance in your journey. When you create a plan for your events or parties, you are more likely to leave them feeling refreshed, on track, and pleased with your decisions. Remember that even if you don’t follow your plan perfectly, having that plan in place is always better than having none at all!


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