How to Stay Healthy This Halloween

We are only days away from Halloween and that means lots of candy and sweets are upon us! Halloween is a very fun time to be with friends, family members, neighbors and dress up with your children! However, Halloween can also be overwhelming when it comes to the amount of sweets that are in front of us!  There is no need to worry about Halloween if you properly prepare and stay focused during this day.

Here are some ways you can enjoy Halloween and still remain healthy throughout!

Just Celebrate the Day 

Since Halloween is a holiday and celebration that occurs once a year, we definitely want to acknowledge and celebrate it. What we don’t want to do though is indulge during Halloween and then create a cycle of falling off track. Sometimes holidays can send us off track for longer than the one day making it difficult to get back on track after the fact. If you only celebrate the day and tell yourself the celebration ends after that, you are more likely to get right back on track.

Eat a Healthy Dinner Before Trick-or-Treating

Whether you are trick-or-treating with your children in your neighborhood or celebrating Halloween out somewhere, make sure you get a healthy and filling dinner in prior to leaving your house. By eating a filling dinner with lots of protein, veggies, and whole grains you are less likely to be tempted or to overeat while you are out. By leaving your house hungry, you are setting yourself up to more easily eat extra sweets.

Don’t Leave the Candy Out 

Once you are home from trick-or-treating be sure to put the extra candy somewhere out of sight. If you have extra candy that you bought to hand out, make sure you tuck this away as well. If you leave the candy out in your kitchen or living room, you are more likely to eat it. If you feel like you really want something, by having it out of sight, you can check-in with yourself and think twice about it,  be picky with what you choose, and limit yourself to that one item you’re really looking forward to. Remember, you can always send extra candy with your children to give away at school, bring it to work for others, or find another place to donate it to get it out of your house. 

Don’t Forget to Drink Water

Watching your water intake around Halloween and especially on Halloween is very important! By being properly hydrated, you will feel more energized and less likely to crave the sweets that are all around you. Since you are also adding steps to your day by walking around during trick-or-treating , you  especially want to focus on reaching your minimum water intake goal. 


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