Three Tips to Help You Work Through Cravings

We sometimes can’t ignore the cravings that take over our minds during that late afternoon waiting- to-get-out-of-work feeling. We want to rush to fulfill that craving and think that it will automatically lead us to satisfaction. However, what usually ends up happening is we overindulge or wish that we didn’t give in to that little voice in our head.



Having cravings is completely normal and is very common when you’re first beginning to change eating habits to create new ones. Here are three tips to help you during those times when the cravings seem to be on overdrive! 


Be Mindful


When you feel like you’re craving a certain type of food, take a minute to pause and check in with yourself. Usually when we crave something, we right away want to fulfill it. However, pausing and asking yourself if you’re really hungry or perhaps just bored and tired may give a different answer than you originally thought.  Your body may not actually be asking for food, but rather looking to be occupied by another activity. 



Out of sight, Out of mind! 


Your environment can play a big role in the way that you eat and respond to your cravings. If you have lots of foods in your home, car or office that you crave, it will be very difficult for you to avoid those cravings and look for something else to either do or eat. Cleaning out your home to make room for snacks that will satisfy you longer is a great way to set yourself up for success regarding cravings. You are more likely to crave something that is at your fingertips over something that you’d have to go out of the house to stop and buy. 


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Restricting is not the answer!


Remember that restriction leads to overeating or binging on a particular food or food group. If you want to have a sustainable relationship with food, you must welcome in your favorite foods and vacation treats than restricting them from your day entirely! Restricting foods that you crave will usually make it harder to learn to enjoy these foods in moderation. If your favorite food is chocolate, having one small piece of chocolate a day or a few times per week can help you decrease the feeling of wanting to overindulge on the sweet.



Having cravings is a normal part of a weight loss journey and should not make you feel like you cannot continue and make progress. The key to achieving long-lasting results is to remember that this process will not always be linear. It will have some ups and downs and sometimes it is okay to indulge in those treats in order to make it work long-term.




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