5 Tips to Get You Through Tailgate Season

Not everyone is a big football fan during the Fall season. However, if you happen to be a big football fan or have attended games before you have probably attended tailgates as well! If you regularly go to football games, you may be attending tailgates every weekend or possibly every other.

With tailgates, comes lots of food! This sometimes brings upon a feeling of overwhelm like you will fall off track and have very limited healthy options available, which can be a bit of a challenge!

Instead of going into tailgate season feeling very overwhelmed like you may not be able to stay in control, here are 5 tips to help guide you through tailgate season!

1.Walk Around

A tailgate, though it can be crowded, is usually around an open parking lot or near a field with lots of open space for walking. Taking advantage of this and getting your steps in before or after you spend some time with friends is a great way to add activity into your day.

2.Choose your Beer Wisely 

If you are a beer drinker and tailgates are your time to enjoy, consider choosing beers that have fewer calories or swap out for a glass of wine. Be sure to get a glass of water in between your alcoholic drinks.3. Pre Portion your Food Items 

Tailgates can be difficult to navigate since they are usually filled with lots of food options laid out in front of you. One way to prevent yourself from overeating is to grab a plate and portion out your food. By doing this, you are less likely to stand around and snack on extra food right out of the bowl. 4.Check In With Yourself

Since there is a lot of food and sweets around you at tailgates, remember to check in with yourself! After you have eaten a meal, ask yourself if you are hungry and truly want that second portion or the dessert or if you feel full and satisfied already.

5.Bring your own Main Dish

Preparing chicken or pulled pork as a lean protein is a great way to know exactly how your food is prepared and be sure you will have a filling meal before the game. You can create your own sauce or try lighter sauces to still enjoy the same flavors in a healthier way.











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