Bubbly Things to Sip On

There’s no doubt about it; losing weight is hard. It’s even harder when you feel like you’re left out from normal social activities, like a Sunday football. Sports and beer go together, well like snacks and Super Bowl, so we understand it can be hard to feel included when you’re trying to stick to a meal plan. Even if you’re not one to partake in an alcoholic beverage, feeling included is just as important. Try out these other bubbles to help avoid the pressure of drinking!


Sparkling Apple Cider

Nearly every grocery store will have the shelves stocked with sparkling apple cider. This is a easy find, and an inexpensive purchase. Sparkling apple cider has that carbonation you might be looking for, but doesn’t have such a harsh impact the next day! Still we encourage you to watch your liquid calorie intake, but this is a good sub if you’re looking a beverage to cheers with!



Kombucha has benefits can offer something most alcoholic beverages don’t. This fizzy beverage can be good food your gut! If your looking to have a drink in celebration of your team winning, without having a mean hangover in the morning, grab a glass of Kombucha. Kombucha can have a higher sugar content depending on the flavor, so we encourage choose gut-friendly flavors like lemon and ginger.


Fruit-Infused Sparkling Water

Fruit-infused sparkling water is by far the least expensive and the most health-conscious of our list. Without a doubt you’ve probably heard of La Croix, which a great alternative can to be holding. However, if you want to avoid the label, make yourself a glass at home! All you need is some fresh or frozen fruit, and you have yourself a low-calorie and tasty drink to cheers with!


Raising your health standards doesn’t mean you have to exclude yourself from parties. The key to maintaining healthy habits is being able to include things that you enjoy while you still make health-conscious decisions. Try incorporating a few of these drinks at the next party, and we’re sure you won’t regret that the day after!


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