Enjoy Fun Frozen Treats and Stay on Track

Sometimes having a sweet tooth craving might come with a specific reason, like needing more calories or carbohydrates in our daily diet. Other times we crave sweets because it’s what our brain wants! Summertime is always full of rich foods, fun BBQs, and lots of ice cream! Trying to stick to a meal plan when all these delicious treats pop up during the summer months can be difficult. Instead of saying “no” to yourself, here are a few ways to enjoy frozen treats that won’t guide you off track.


Vanilla Peach Pops

Looking for a more classic summer ice cream without having the dairy part of the recipe, check out this vanilla peach pop recipe. Any dairy-free milk goes great for this simple sweet treat. This is a great way to fit in a serving of fruit with a dessert twist.


Dairy-Free Strawberries and Cream Pop

Yum! Creamy ice pops were a classic go-to during childhood. Who says we need to keep the cream pops for the kids? This is a wonderful take on an old classic, by swapping a dairy-containing high sugar ice pop with healthy and fresh ingredients instead. This swap for fresh and healthy ingredients can hit that nostalgic craving for you and offer a healthy alternative for everyone in the family.


Banana Nutella Fudge Pops

If you’re looking for a richer alternative to some of the “nice” cream recipes we’ve been giving, then definitely check out this banana nutella fudge pop recipes. Honestly, anything with hazelnut spread involved turns into something great. Opting for hazelnuts, almond milk, and bananas offers a few great substitutes to a typically processed frozen treat!


Basil Berry Pops 

Simple and refreshing! This recipe is a lovely way to have an easy and ready-to-go sweet treat at any given time. Simple is usually best, and this basil berry pop recipe is an easy-to-prep recipe! This recipe is also a fantastic way to use up all that fresh basil from your summer herb garden before time runs out!


Sticking with a meal plan doesn’t mean every meal needs to scream healthy. Sometimes, all we need to do is trick our brains into thinking we’re having something “bad” to kick those annoying cravings in the butt. Try out some of these meal plan-friendly treats to cool off the rest of this summer.


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