Stop Saying “No” to Yourself

Changing habits, starting a new lifestyle, or sometimes breaking old habits are all usually paired with saying “no” to yourself… a lot. How do we make changes for the better, but not feel like we’re constantly saying “no” to ourselves? Healthy habit changes can come with a lot of baggage, and carrying all that around can be exhausting. There are ways to make changes happen with a little more ease, and a little less no!


Tip #1: Don’t say “No!”

Top tip for today: definitely don’t tell yourself “no.” Trust us, nothing good comes from saying “no,” and least not all the time! Have you ever tried to tell a kid they can’t do something or have something? Yeah, total meltdown! Our brains do the same exact thing when we tell it “no.” It’s like a mini temper tantrum in the supermarket, where we find us battling the willpower to stay on track but also circling the candy isle. Our cravings are usually telling us a lot about what our body needs. Sometimes cravings come when our bodies are lacking something, but other times it’s just what we’re hankering for. Constantly telling ourselves “no” means those natural waves of desire are never met, and instead loom over us like a daunting storm cloud. Allow yourself time to enjoy cravings, whether it be a weekly cheat meal or a random piece of chocolate.


Tip #2: Focus on what you can have!

Focusing on what we can have rather than what we shouldn’t have helps us see a more positive light on establishing a healthy change in our lives. Try to challenge yourself in the upcoming weeks to focus on all the things you enjoy and are considered meal plan friendly. This could be those delicious mangos, or a phenomenal chia seed pudding that tastes too good to be true. Not everyday is flowers and sunshine, but trying to find more positives in our day, rather than dwelling on the negatives can make for a smoother transition to a long lasting habit.


Tip #3: Roll with it!

Be kind to yourself. Not every day is perfect, and that’s okay! We’re all human, we all have urges, work, life, surprises and so much more. Not every day is a day where we can control all aspects of our health life. Sometimes work is mentally draining, or you lock your keys in your car when you were already short on time. Life throws us many surprises, some unwanted, so we just have to roll with it. If you miss a snack because your day got busy, that’s okay! If you’re really hankering for a burger, go for it! All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy, and a boy who doesn’t find change coming easy in his life. Remind yourself throughout the week that sometimes, as much as you wish for more, our best is much smaller than what we planned. However, it’s our best and that’s what matters!


Realistic lifestyle changes happen with lots of trials, errors, successes and patience. Erasing bad habits come much easier when we focus on what we can do, rather than forcing something we know won’t hold up well. Sometimes we need to say “no” to ourselves, but we’re here to remind you it doesn’t have to be everyday! Try your best, find balance, and if ever in doubt or need support, find a meal plan to add structure!


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