How do we Conquer the Sweet Tooth?

If your cravings are all for sweets, sticking to a meal plan can be pretty difficult. When our brain is yelling healthy, but our eyes are saying cookies, trying to kick that sweet craving is even harder. Of course, indulging in a sweet tooth every now and then is fine and in fact we encourage utilizing your cheat meal each week in a way that’s satisfying! But if you’re experiencing an extremely bothersome sweet tooth throughout the majority of the week, we’ve got some alternatives to help curb your appetite.



It might still be a little early in the year to be indulging on frozen treats, but if you’re a true ice cream lover, weather has no impact on that craving. If you have already broken up with dairy, and we suggest giving it a try,  we recommend trying out sorbet! Sorbet is frozen fruits that have been pureed! This frozen treat is a great way to get in vitamins, but still have yourself to a sweet treat. Sorbets are extremely easy to make at home, but are also easy to find already made at the store. Remember to always check the label to avoid sorbets that have added sugars. Don’t forget to add healthy toppings like coconut shreds, nuts and seeds, or even fresh fruits!


Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are awesome gut boosting seeds that turn into a jelly-like texture when added to liquid. Chia seeds help make our tummy happy, but can also be turned into a delicious sweet treat! Chia seed pudding is super easy to make, and can easily be made into a great go-to treat by adding ingredients like vanilla extract, cacao and cinnamon spice to give that pudding the extra kick needed to make it feel like your treating yourself to a fancy dessert pudding.


Baked Fruits

Baking your fruits and adding spices similar to chia seed pudding, like cinnamon, are a great way to enjoy a sweet snack every now and then. Fruits like bananas and apples already are on the sweeter side; once they are baked they become even sweeter, but still retain important nutrients like dietary fiber. Adding spices are a great way to make your fruit snack taste like a treat you wouldn’t believe could still be on a meal plan!


It’s okay to have a sweet tooth, in fact it’s completely natural to crave sweets every now and then. Don’t deny yourself a treat this week, choose a healthier sweet option!



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