What to do now that the days are longer?

Yes, it’s a bit of a bummer that we lose an hour of sleep, but we gain some extra hours in our day! Let’s make use of the extra hours of sunlight this year!


Spend extra time outdoors

Now that the sun is setting later and later each day, you are able to get outside more. Taking a walk around the block or a sunset hike is a perfect way to unwind after a long day at work. Even going to the gym gets a little easier now that it’s not pitch dark out by the time you get there. Make use of these extra hours of daylight while it’s here!


Keep waking up early

If you’ve maintained rising early during the winter months to be able to fit in all the daylight possible, keep it up! Waking up early is a great way to fit in an early workout or make time for breakfast before work. Now you can use the rest of your day for things you might enjoy more. Waking up early gives the chance to take things slowly, and ease into the day. Heading to bed earlier with a solid bedtime routine also makes continue to wake up easier.


Take time for yourself!

Taking time for yourself could be in those early hours of the day, or having a nice cup of tea as you watch the sunset. Whatever “you time” looks like, take it! Self care takes on many different forms, but all are equally important every day! Use these extra hours to make space to take care of yourself, whether that’s making time for meal prep, going to the gym, or just smelling the freshly bloomed flowers!


Everything seems to get a little brighter around springtime. That might be because there’s literally more daylight and vibrant flowers blooming everywhere, or it’s because you have the opportunity to stop and appreciate life. Not everything has to be hard work. Take a few minutes today to enjoy the time change!



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