Best Bedtime Habits

Getting a good night’s rest is hard, but it’s necessary not only to feel good but to promote the best physical health possible. Sleeping well, regularly has a huge impact on weight loss and fitness goals. One way to promote a good night’s rest is to start establishing a strong before-bed routine. Like most things in the health world, good things happen to those who routinely do them. Try a few of our tips out this week to build a solid bedtime routine.


Take a little self care time

If you’ve ever taken a spa day, then you know how great spa treatment feels. Some of us might even be guilty of falling asleep at a spa or two. We recommend giving yourself a little of that spa treatment at home to promote that sleepy feeling before bed. You don’t have to do anything too elaborate to show yourself the love, but make sure to set up a few minutes as you’re getting ready for bed to tend to your hygiene. A nice warm shower before bed can be soothing, or maybe putting on some calming lavender lotion will do the trick.


Stop drinking water right before bed

Try stopping your liquid consumption at least an hour before bed, maybe two if you have a more active bladder. You have all day to hit that water goal, don’t wait until the last hour of your day to fit in the final thirty ounces. Yes, being hydrate definitely promotes better sleep, but not when you’re drinking the water right before you fall asleep. Think about it, what’s going to happen after you drink a huge glass of water? Nature calls, whether you’re sleeping or your awake. Stop drinking water at least an hour before bed so you don’t unnecessarily disrupt your sleep cycle.


Lay back and relax

Playing a game on a phone or watching our shows are definitely ways of relaxing, however the blue light emitted from the digital screens don’t promote the best sleep. If your looking to decompress, unwind, and let your mind drift into a sweet slumber before bed, try taking up a calming routine that doesn’t keep your brain going all night. A quick 5-minute breathing meditation is a great way to soften your thoughts, or try reading a book to more forcefully turn the volume down on those thoughts.


The easiest way to motivate yourself to stick with a meal plan or exercise routine is by feeling your best. Shorting yourself on sleep only makes the job harder, so try taking the time to set yourself up for success this week with better sleep!



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