Quick Ways to De-Stress During a Busy Week

Most of us live with too much stress, and sometimes we don’t realize it until we have a melt down in the middle of a work day, after our pen runs out of ink. Stress seems to be the unwanted visitor at everyone’s door step nowadays. So how do we keep stress at bay?



Sometimes emotions just take over, and we find ourselves wanting to scream. There are times in the day that screaming is okay, like in our car ride from work, other times not so much. Try writing down how what you’re feeling, exactly as you feel, no filter. Write until you can’t write anymore, even it doesn’t make sense. This will be a release of stressful thoughts clumping up your work space. Take a few minutes every day to write down whatever you’re feeling, especially in those times where you can’t scream.


Stress-Relieving Foods

Of course we have food recommendations, and fortunately for us certain foods can really help de-stress. B and C vitamins, and magnesium contribute heavily to regular chemical production in the body. Many things related to chemical balance and stress reduction often correlate with what your eating. If you’re eating in a way that allows your body to work its best, then your body will feel it’s best; this includes the mind. Refer to our list of foods to help keep the stress at bay. Balanced nutrition helps created a balanced mind.



Meditation is by far the most universally recognized tool to help de-stress. Now don’t be scared away by the name. Find a way to meditate that works for you. This could be in a more traditional manner by finding a seat in a quiet area, closing your eyes, and sitting in silence for a few minutes. Or maybe it’s taking a walk down a less populated path, without your phone. Meditation isn’t always complete silence in your head, but rather taking the initiative to make time for yourself. Your meditation can be anything from taking a long walk down your favorite trail to finding and cooking a new recipe for a satisfying dinner. Start small with setting at least 5 minutes of your day for meditation, see how you feel after a few times of trying this.


Try something new!

Sometimes we just need to get out of your routine. Change up the day, maybe try a new fruit, go check out the farmers market you’ve never been to, or take a jog down a different road. Our days don’t have to be mundane and repetitive. Variety is what keeps us alive and happy, keep that in mind when thinking about nutrition and your mental health.

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