Time to Beat those Winter Blues

Are you eagerly awaiting the first day of spring? We totally get it, winter has its purpose and we appreciate it, but now we’re ready for a change in season. This post-holiday, pre-springtime part of year might have you feeling glum, so we’ve come up with some ways to get out of that wintertime funk.


Get Outside

We know, the snow is rolling in and getting outside doesn’t seem all that appealing. But even when it’s cold out, we still need to make time for the fresh outdoors. Bundle up and go out for a hike. With proper footwear this could be the prettiest hike you ever take. It might be hard to find the motivation to go jogging in the morning, so instead save your run for the slightly warmer afternoon. Again layers are our friends and once you get moving you’ll warm up pretty quick out there. Bears might need to hibernate this time of year, but we don’t!


Stay Hydrated

After spending some time outdoors, chances are your skin will be feeling chapped. Lotion, of course, will help ease the side effects of winter and we definitely recommend putting on lip balm before your run. What helps dry skin the most though? Water! Duh, it always comes back to water. Dry skin is also an indicator of not drinking enough water. Hydrating regularly and enough is necessary any day, but don’t slow down on your water intake just because you’re not sweating from that summer heat!


Get Sweaty

With all that water you drank, now you’re super hydrated to get sweaty! Take some time to stay warm in the remaining weeks of winter. Thinking warm will make you warm, right? Even if the weather isn’t changing, you can start to feel the heat earlier this year. Indoor fitness classes, gyms, or an at-home workout are all great ways to break a sweat without all the added layers!


The end of winter doesn’t have to be a waiting game until the flowers start blooming. It’s important to check in and make sure we’re still taking care of ourselves and haven’t turned into icicles!


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