Did Phil say Early Spring? Teas to Keep Warm until Spring!

Punxsutawney Phil has spoken, and hopefully we’ll be seeing the flowers bloom sooner than later. For now, while we wait for winter to come to a close, here are some early-spring inspired teas so you can stop to drink the flowers while you wait to smell them!



Chamomile is a wonderful plant that produces cute little white flowers. Often planted in the spring, it’s an easy plant to grow and harvest for tea! Chamomile tea promotes natural relaxation, making it the ideal bedtime tea. It’s also a nice warm drink to have to calm the nerves as you anxiously wait for warmer days.



Rosemary is another hardy plant that is easy to maintain in any garden. It smells fresh and tastes even better on potatoes! Rosemary isn’t only a great flavor booster for your potatoes, but it also makes for a delicious tea. Rosemary may help regulate digestion, so having it as a post-meal beverage is a great way to get your stomach juices flowing! Extra benefit: rosemary tea is completely caffeine free, meaning it’s a beneficial herbal that can help keep up your water intake!



Basil is a classic herb that most people keep in the window. Found often in summer salads and Italian dishes, basil is an easy-to-find-and-grow plant that complements any meal. Although basil is commonly associated with summer time dishes, this plant starts to grow in the spring. As a tea, it may help reduce inflammation in the body, which most of us can agree we don’t want. Unwanted inflammation often appears as excess weight or feeling bloated, so try incorporating this tea into your day to reduce that bloat!


All of these teas are a great way to help meet your daily water intake goal in more interesting ways. Not sure what your water intake should be? Take the metabolic quiz to find a balance meal plan and daily water goals to work towards!



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