Gifts to Give Yourself This Season

This time of year is all about giving! We give to our families, to our children, to charities, but do we give to ourselves enough this time of year? Probably not. In order to give the most to others, you must first start with giving to yourself. Of course, by giving to yourself we mean taking time for your health! You need to be your healthiest self in order to spend all that time wrapping gifts!



The cold weather can have us craving curling up by the fire, sipping a warm cup of cocoa, but before you end your day there, have you taking the time to move today? Meeting exercise goals becomes a little harder as the days get shorter and colder, but we promise it’s not impossible! Take the time today to hit the gym a little harder, to stay warm on your walk back to the car. Not a member of a gym? No worries! Thankfully the internet can keep us active at home. Try downloading a new exercise app, or grab a deck of cards and get a short card workout in. Of course, working out outdoors is probably everyone’s favorite way to get moving, but if the chill factor is keeping you from meeting your exercise goal, then gift yourself with some indoor workouts!



Cheap and abundant, water is the gift that keeps on giving! Did you gift yourself with hydration today? Meeting your daily water goal is just as important as exercising. Keeping hydrated during the winter months are usually the last thing on our minds, because we’re not hot and sweaty! But not drinking enough water when it’s cold out contributes to your skin feeling dry, and lets be honest, does anyone likes chapped lips? Grabbing a glass of water helps prevent water retention, and helps you loose weight, so don’t forget to give yourself some H2O this time of year! Remember, drinking water doesn’t have to be boring, or cold! Heat yourself up some soothing seasonal teas to stay hydrated and give yourself some time to relax and enjoy the holidays!


Good Food

Yes, give yourself some good food this holiday season. Whether it’s taking the time to pick out some tasty meal preps to stick to this week, or indulging on a savory cheat meal after all that hard word, we want you to enjoy your food! When following a meal plan we often grow a disdain for certain foods and allow ourselves to become stressed. Don’t allow yourself to get to this point, because that’s one short step away from avoiding the meal plan all together. Take the time to invest in some tasty recipes, so you don’t get sick of your meal plan, but also gift yourself with an awesome cheat meal this week! A cheat meal per week is key to staying on track, and probably the easiest gift to give yourself!


It’s alright to be a little selfish and give yourself some extra gifts this season, don’t worry what others think! Haven’t started a new plan at G-Plans yet? Gift yourself the gift of health this holiday season, and take the metabolic quiz today!


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