At the Airport This Season? Here’s How You Can Stay On Track!

The holiday season is here and while it is a very exciting and joyful time, it can also be a bit stressful. Some people have the ability to celebrate the holidays in their own home or perhaps somewhere local. However, many people may find themselves traveling this time of year. The idea of having to resort to eating something from the airport may be intimidating due to the various options. While traveling can seem overwhelming because of this, it doesn’t have to be! 

Look for these items below at any airport so you can begin your trip with some healthy and filling meals and snacks to get you off to a great start!

Fuel Up At The Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are not just for early morning flights when you are in need of caffeine. They can actually be a great place to grab a healthy meal or snack. Most coffee shops will have fresh fruit  to add to your breakfast or a snack to hold you over before your flight. You may also find a variety of snack or protein bars at these outposts.Look for a bar that has at least 7 grams of protein and under 7 grams of sugar. This carbohydrate and protein filled snack will give you the boost of energy you need to get through your travels. You’ll also find oatmeal for breakfast at these coffee shops. Ask for any fruit or nut toppings to give you a little more fuel!

Fire Up The Grill 

If you’re hanging out at the airport around lunch or dinner time, you may want to look for a nearby grill or burger joint. These places will give you the option to have a filling meal while still being mindful of your choices. Good options at these restaurants include grilled chicken sandwiches, a turkey or veggie burger, or a plain burger without additions like cheese or bacon. You may also want to hold the bun or ask if there is gluten-free bread available. Many places will be able to accommodate what you’re looking for and have options for you to choose from. Feel free to get creative and ask if they have a vegetable or baked potato they can serve you as a side. This will allow you to make up a healthy and balanced meal with a protein, carbohydrate and vegetable source. 

Simple Finds At The News Stand

Whether you’re at the airport for a red eye, midday, or evening flight, there is always something healthy and satisfying you can find at the news stand. Not only do they have lots of great snack offerings but they also have some quick and easy options for lunch. You can find a variety of protein bars, packaged  nuts, or hard boiled eggs for a protein-filled snack, as well as a variety of fruit as your carbohydrate source to give you that energy boost. If you’re looking for more of a filling snack, you can find a few protein shakes that can also be paired with another lunch item. Most convenience stores will have a selection of deli sandwiches with the nutrition facts written right on them. Take a quick peek at the label and make the choice that works best for you at the time! 

Holiday season is busy enough. Between security, layovers, baggage claims, and delays, these tips will make worrying about your diet the least of your worries. Remember, this time of year is meant to be spent with family and friends and enjoying the season!

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