How to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Food

Do you feel like you are consistently on-the-go or rushing when it comes to eating your meals and snacks? Maybe you finally prepped your meals for the week, everything is planned out and it’s time for you to finally sit down to enjoy dinner. Oh no! But then you remembered all the laundry that has to get done or the project that needs to be completed by tomorrow and there’s only a few hours left in the evening.

This sudden urge to get everything done may leave you rushing through your dinner, resulting in not being able to taste or enjoy the food that you spent time preparing.  Instead of rushing to get your dinner down in order to move on to the next task, try to take a deep breath and think about enjoying your meals since it is just as important as the other things you have to complete that night. 

Here are some tips to help you slow down and taste your meals!

Put your Phone Down

Eating with your phone distracts you from tasting the flavors or your meal and eating slowly and controlled. When you are distracted by your phone, you may not notice how fast you’re actually eating and your meal may be gone before you know it. Putting the phone down can not only allow you to enjoy your meal a bit more, but it can reduce the risk of overeating due to distraction. 

Sit Down to Eat

If you find yourself working through lunch and mindlessly eating your meal as you work, you are sacrificing time for yourself – time to relax, enjoy your meal, and focus on what you are eating. Finding a place to sit that is away from your work desk, you will reduce chances of becoming distracted. Whether you sit in the designated lunch area or perhaps find a comfortable bench in a park, it is important to prioritize your lunch time. 

Have a Drink With Your Meal

Having something to drink with your meal is beneficial in multiple ways: You increase the duration of your meal and it can increase your total water intake for the day. When you increase the duration of your meal you are less likely to overeat as you will be taking breaks and checking in with yourself throughout the meal. Having a drink with your meal will help you to slow down as you take sips between bites, and is also an easy way to get an extra 8-12 ounces of water into your day. 

Put Down Utensils Between Bites

Putting your fork or spoon down between bites will allow you to slow down your meal. You will be able to chew slowly, savor each bite, and take a short break before the next bite. This will also allow you to engage in conversation if you are with others or take a deep breath and relax if you are eating on your own. 

The next time you feel rushed going into a meal, try out one of these tips to help slow you down. This will allow you to savor each bite, enjoy the delicious food you worked hard to prepare, and take some time to relax in the midst of your busy workday.


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