Gently Leap into the Weekend – How to Relax and Stay on Track

How do we power through the weekend to stay on track, but also to relax? You have to find what works best in your life in order to continue onto the next week. Here are some tricks we use to keep us motivated, but also allow ourselves the freedom to relax a bit!


Focus on the easy goals first

It’s all about what to focus on first before actually taking action. Focusing on perfection isn’t always possible on the weekends, especially if being more social. Naturally days off and social outings land on the weekend for most, so how do we stay focused when everyone is out and about? Start small and realistic before anything else! Just like the mini goals you prepare for yourself at the beginning of the week, keep that same attitude for the weekend. Focus on what you know you can accomplish! That might be working towards your water goal or eating your snacks regularly. Not everything happens with ease, so focus on what can!

Allow yourself a cheat meal 

Cheat meals are essential for sustaining a lifestyle change, and could be especially important through the weekend. There is a balance in allowing to indulge once in awhile, and it’s much easier to adhere to a plan that allows for flexibility and freedom. This is why we encourage a cheat meal, and might even suggest it on your days off! Weekends tend to be the most social days of the week, which also lead to social meals. Plan your cheat meal to land on a weekend day or a day you know you’ll be eating out socially! Cheat meals are perfect for dinners out,  birthday brunches, or just a day where you just want to order take out! Utilize it to work with you and allow it to properly promote relaxation!


Preparation is still key on the weekend

I know we just said to use that cheat meal, but that’s only one meal to indulge in. What do we do with the rest? Preparation is still essential on the weekend, and can be very helpful in promoting a weekend that easily carries you into a normal regiment on Monday! Keep some structure in your weekend by preparing snacks ahead of time or carrying a water bottle with you. Preparation doesn’t necessarily have to be a full weekend meal prep session.


Life is all about checks and balances. Don’t worry about perfection right now, but rather focus on sticking with your goals over the long run! Find the balance that’s needed in your life to carry your through the weekend. Both rest and relaxation is necessary to build strength and endurance over time!


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