Beat the Heat: Water Infusion Recipes


With Labor Day Weekend bringing the summer to an end, I think we all are ready to see some pumpkin spice come back on menus and watch the leaves turn. However, Mother Earth is still cranking the heat and partying like summer’s end isn’t in sight. So the question is how do we beat the heat? Good ol’H2O, of course.


You know our mantra over here, drink your water. Water is the magic drink that will help speed along post-workout recoveries, help carry out proper cellular functions within our bodies, and everything in between. But even though we know that drinking water is good for us it’s still hard to meet our water goal. Sometimes plain water is just … well, boring. Thankfully, we have found some great water infusion recipes to survive the lingering heat of the summer.


  1. Watermelon Basil
Watermelon Basil Water Infusion by Key Ingredient
  1. Strawberry Mojito
Infused water with strawberry, lime and mint by Baked by an Introvert
  1. Blueberry Orange
Orange and blueberry infused water by A Mind Full Mom
  1. Grapefruit Rosemary
Grapefruit and rosemary infused water by Tasty Yummies


Whether you are looking for a cool way to cool down, or you need to get rid of the last remnants of your garden crop, we’ve hope you find use of our favorite water infusion recipes. Stay inspired and hydrated as we make our way into the fall.


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