How to Begin Prepping for Back-to-School

Back-to-school is right around the corner for many of us. Preparing for a new school year involves a lot of wheels turning to get things moving. Whether you have children or you yourself are on your way back to class, preparation is a good idea to help set up for a successful school year. Here are some tips to get back into the groove!


Tip #1: Stock up on supplies

When we say “supplies,” we mean tools to make cooking at home or taking meals to go easier! Back to school supplies aren’t just pencils and notebooks these days! Use those back to school sales to get that slow cooker you’ve been eyeing. Stock up on reusable containers to take things to-go with ease. There are so many kitchen devices that can save us a whole lot of time when it comes to cooking at home regularly, but don’t waste your money on a hefty price tag. Use the sales that start popping up to save money and to make cooking for yourself easier also!


Tip #2: Pack your snacks and meals the night before 

Pre-packed meals aren’t just for kids, and neither are really cool lunch boxes! Follow the lead of what you’re expected to prepare for your children and do the same for yourself. While you’re prepping the school lunches, use that same time to pack your meals and snacks for the next day. Even if you’re not going anywhere, just having pre-portions meals can be a game changer and can also set you up for an easy day. When our schedules are jam packed with classes or driving kids to and from school, the last thing you want to do is to try to figure out is what you’re eating on-the-go. Instead, set yourself up for an efficient and easy day by having your meals ready ahead of time!


Tip#3: Utilize the Structured Schedule

Structure can be our friend if we allow it! Busy schedules don’t have to work against us. Use your busy schedule to structure when you’re eating. It’s okay if you only have 5 minutes until you have to run out the door again. Use that five minutes to eat a quick snack, which you may have prepared ahead of time. Having structure in your schedule means you can predict when you’ll have time to eat or cook and when you don’t. You know what’s coming so start to plan your meals so it fits into your schedule!


Heading back to school might be a sigh of relief for some parents who are looking for the structure that school offers. Others dread the busy schedules, but wherever you stand remember there’s always a way to make things for best for you! Find out what for you what helps make school days easier, so you can enjoy doing the things you love during your free time!



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