How to Get in and out of the Grocery Store as Quickly as Possible



A huge part of our success can be attributed to the planning and preparing of meals and snacks. This begins with the first step: grocery shopping! Grocery shopping can seem like a daunting task to some and a very fun one for others. Although it can be overwhelming at times, especially a busy weekend day, grocery shopping doesn’t have to be something you dread all week. 


Since we all have to get our shopping done at some point, here are some things to keep in mind to help you get in and out of the grocery store as quickly as possible!



Create Your List by Category


If you create your grocery list by category, you won’t be rushing back and forth from one side of the store to the other. Writing down all of your fruits and vegetables items together,  frozen meats/ fish together, etc.this  will allow you to grab everything at once off your list instead of scrambling for the bananas you forgot that were at the bottom of the list. Doing this can also be extremely helpful and a big time saver if you know the layout of your grocery store. That way, you can not only organize your items by type, but you can also layout your list by which aisles/sections you see first when you go into that particular store. 



Stay Loyal to One or Two Stores


Although you may have seen an advertisement for a specific sale at one, going to different grocery stores each week can cost you a lot of wasted time. Sticking with one grocery store and getting to know it very well will save you valuable time. You can get in and out of the store faster if you know exactly where to find everything you need and don’t have to worry about walking around aimlessly or asking someone for help. 



 Stock up on Standards Once a Month


Instead of only buying a small amount of items each time you go shopping, consider making one larger grocery store run each month. This can save you time overall, even if that one trip takes you longer than usual. Looking for items that can be bought in bulk, such as frozen vegetables or canned beans, will save you from having to buy smaller amounts of these items every week since can be stored for a longer time. Buying certain items every week instead of in bulk can also increase the chances of those food items going to waste. You may also find these shelf-stable items on sale periodically, which will be the perfect time to stock up on them. 



Eat Before You Go 


You may have heard the advice of not going to the grocery store hungry as to avoid impulsively buying items to eat. But there’s another reason why eating before you shop is important in saving you time. You can shop faster if you are feeling energized with your blood sugar up. Sometimes this can mean eating a quick snack in the car on the way to the store or right before you enter. You may also be faster. 




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