Mid-Summer Cool Down

As the summer starts to peak, so seems the temperatures (or so we hope). Here are some tips on how to keep cool when the high temps and high humidity might have you sweating!


Spice Up Your Water

Would you expect anything otherwise? Of course our first tip is to drink water. But no need to make it boring! With temperatures rising, that means we’re losing quite a lot of fluid from sweat. Even if you’re staying hydrated by hitting your water goal, you may find yourself still struggling against the warm weather. Adding fruit and fresh herbs can make any water a little less boring. More importantly, it also adds natural electrolytes that help us maintain the proper fluid balance. Try adding some frozen fruit to keep your water cool and fun!


Take a Dive

Finding the motivation to exercise when you get out of bed sweating can be near impossible, and we don’t blame you. It’s one thing getting sweaty with intention. It’s a whole other issue when you have no say in the matter! Try adding some water in a normal exercise routine to feel less lethargic in this heat. Swimming, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, etc. are all fun activities that keep you cool while burning calories! Why not use the warm weather to your advantage and jump in for some laps?!


Chow Down on Fruit

If you’ve already drank all the water your body can possible handle, fruit is another great option to stay hydrated! As we mentioned earlier, many fruits contain natural electrolytes that help maintain our bodies needed fluid balance. Maintaining fluid balance is extremely important when heat exhaustion or stroke are common this time of year. Fruits that also contain water allows you to not have to add any more liquids to your day, which helps staying hydrated a little bit easier and refreshing! Watermelon, as the name implies, is one of many high-water containing fruits. Others include: strawberries, cantaloupe, oranges and grapefruit!


Find Some Time to Rest

Sometimes we get so focus on all that we have to do, we often forget to include rest into our day. Take the time to physically cool down by taking a slower paced day for yourself. This might mean sitting inside with the fan in your face, or taking a restorative yoga class and letting out some deep exhales to cool down the body internally. As the heat is high, it’s necessary to take the time to lower our own speed so we don’t physically overheat! Not everyday has to be a rest day, but taking the opportunity to slow down once and awhile is much needed anytime of the year!


High heat can create an added amount of exhaustion that just isn’t need in our busy schedules. Take the time this week to cool down – both body and mind will appreciate it!



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