Hit that 60 Minute Exercise Goal!

Staying motivated to workout is tricky, but we promise there are easy ways to hit that 60 minute workout goal for the day! Incorporating exercise throughout the week doesn’t have to be a chore. There are lots of ways to make this daily goal become a regular habit you crave!


Break It Up

Break up that 60 minute goal into smaller, more approachable chunks during the day. Start small with 15 or 30 minute intervals of activity. Building up stamina over time will increase the likelihood of enjoying the activity, but also reducing the risk of injuring yourself. Small goals all contribute to the large goal, and set a pace for a more sustainable habit. Don’t burn yourself out with setting expectations too high for yourself. Start at a realistic and steady pace!


Find Something you Enjoy

Exercise doesn’t have to be a drag. If you hate the gym, then don’t go! Lifting weights or running miles aren’t the only ways you can hit that 60 minute goal. Try out an activity that you enjoy, which should make it a bit easier to show up. Feeling like you’re forcing something to fit into normal life, when it’s just not meant to be, is a quick way to lose interest in exercising. Try fun activities that don’t involve the feeling of dread and you may find it that much easier to want to work out for 60 minutes!


Plan your Week

Much like our food, exercise goals are easier to attain if you plan your week. Organize and plan your workouts ahead so you’re not feeling scrambled or even panicked when, or worse doing too much, when you show up. Planning your workouts ahead of time also allows for you to not only set daily goals for yourself, but also spread out your workouts overtime. Don’t try to overcompensate for not working out hard for the last few months. The body appreciates planned and spread out workouts, which allows you to heal properly in between!


Exercising for 60 minutes a day can be anything you want it to be. Don’t restrict your goal to exercises you hate! Explore and discover new ways to fit in that 60 minute goal in a way that you can enjoy and maintain for years to come!



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