Add Variety in Your Workout Routine!

Doing the same workout every day sounds pretty boring to us. While you may enjoy one workout over another, it’s always good to have a variety of different workouts to choose from throughout the week. If you’re guilty of sticking to one thing, consider some of these reasons why you might want to add a tiny bit of change!


Keeping it Fun

Doing the same thing day after day can become mundane pretty quickly. 6011008858441501 throughout the week keeps you motivated to keep showing up. Some days you are going to definitely have more fun than others, and that’s normal! Make sure you fit in those workouts you crave towards the end of the week to help keep the speed going all week long.


Preventing Injury

Variety is necessary when we’re trying to prevent injuries from happening. Doing the same workouts every day of the week leads to repetitive impact on the same old joints. It’s important to have rest periods between workouts to ensure the body has time to repair and rebuild muscle properly. By doing the same thing every day, we’re not really allowing that proper period of healing. Even though you may not necessarily be taking full rest days in the middle of the week, it’s still good to do workouts targeting certain parts of the body to give others a rest.


Fine-Tuned Goals

Spreading out workouts throughout the week, and adding variety allows for the focus to be on smaller goals. As we know, smaller goals come together to complete the big picture, and are much easier to work towards and achieve. Changing up workouts throughout your week creates different daily goals that are specific and easier to achieve. Change and progress can happen on a much smaller level and therefore noticed a little faster. Stay motivated with baby steps!


Don’t force yourself to show up to a workout you’ve overdone. Prevent boredom by shaking things up throughout the week! Different goals and workouts each day are wonderful ways to stay focused long term and help continue to remain interested in showing up!



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