Steps to Starting a Workout Routine

The thought of starting up a workout routine can be terrifying or intimidating – reasons ranging from unfamiliarity to your local gym, risk of injury, afraid of looking lost, or even simply because you don’t like change in your routine. Feeling those things can be normal and generally very common. However, physical activity is a great way to boost your weight loss and it is highly beneficial to your overall health. Here are a few recommendations to kick-start your workout routine.

Ensure your Diet is on Point

It’s no secret that the food we consume (and how much) is the number one culprit for weight gain or weight loss. This is why it is important to establish a well-balanced and nutritious diet or meal plan prior to starting an exercise routine. Additionally, it is also just as important to ensure you’re well hydrated. By building consistency and balance with your meals, your energy and motivation is likely to give you the jumpstart you need.

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Make a Goal

Setting a goal is a great way to boost your motivation and a great way to keep you on track. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or complete a race, being able to set accomplishment milestones is key. Keeping track of these accomplishment in a journal or taking progress photos will help you visualize how your hard work is paying off. Read here for additional tips to stay on track.

Start Slow

Starting your workout routine with a strenuous schedule or intensity can leave you susceptible for injury. Avoid this by allowing yourself to become familiar with your intensity comfort level. Begin with moderate exercise a couple times a week and gradually increase as your body adapts to the physical activity. Most importantly, do not feel hesitant to reach out for assistance or in hiring a personal trainer. Avoiding injury is key to maintaining a healthy body.

Try New Things

Becoming bored with an exercise routine can be the reason why some people choose to stop or become unmotivated to continue progressing. Incorporating different forms of physical activity in your regimen can prevent this. Whether it’s adding in weight lifting, trying a new machine at the gym, or opting for an outdoor activity instead, mixing things up will give your body a happy surprise.

Rest and Recover!

Giving yourself time to rest and recover cannot be stressed enough. Exercising in the form of cardiovascular activities (i.e. hiking, running, stair climbing, etc) or weight training can create muscle tears, which will (if supported by a nutritious diet) lead to muscle gain and/or weight loss. However, giving your body time to repair and rebuild these muscles is essential. Without rest, your body can go into an inflammatory state due to stress and can lead to weight gain, hormone imbalance, and mood changes. Rest days are an integral part of maintaining a physical and healthy lifestyle.

Beginning a new routine can take time and commitment. It is understood that sometimes it can leave us intimidated or scared. However, making small steps forward can definitely make it easier and less taxing. Just be sure your meal plan/diet is up to par to support your new journey.

Follow these recommended tips for foods to eat before a workout and how to refuel after.

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