How to Renew your Relationship with Food

Years of following different fad diets, conflicting advice between health professionals, and years of not finding wanted results can lead to a poor relationship with food. The brain could be chirping common thoughts that sound like:

“That’s has too many carbs/fat. I can’t eat that.”

“That’s a bad food, it causes ….”

“I can’t have this in the house because I’ll eat all of it”

“That’s a lot of calories for a day”


These are common phrases that pop up when you have a rocky relationship with food, so what we want to encourage rebuilding and renewing that relationship to create a healthy bond! Food after all is something we can’t live without, literally, so why not make it an enjoyable experience!


Focus on the positive

Don’t start a day out with “I can’t have this because….” Instead try starting with, “I get to have…” Focus on what you can have and what you like! Using restrictions to establish healthy life habits, really isn’t very healthy. It’s better to allow room for error, and spend your days noticing more good than bad. Obviously, we’re human so it’s natural to be hyper critical sometimes, but shifting how we talk to ourselves is the first step in creating a positive relationship with what we eat.


Don’t try to force yourself to enjoy something you hate

If you don’t like brown rice, you don’t have to eat it just because it’s marketed as “healthy.” There are other grains that offer just as much value. Find foods that you enjoy, rather than only eating them because someone said you should. “But what about the superfoods???” Valid question, and honestly all foods are super! Find the ones that you like because you actually enjoy the taste and not because it’s labeled as a superfood. Finding enjoyment in what you’re eating is a great way to eat that food regularly!


Be present for your meals

Taking the time to sit down and enjoy a meal is important, and we know not many of y’all have the time these days. But try to make each meal something that you’re present for as much as you can! This might mean taking five minutes to eat a snack without any distractions, or turning off the TV for dinner. These little adjustments will help you be present for the meal, which means you can actually take a second to appreciate all the wonderfulness that you’re putting into your body!


Eat with a purpose, besides weight loss

Weight loss is the goal for many of our readers, but try your best to find other reasons to see value in what you eat! Yes, eating healthy does help you lose weight if that’s your goal. But you know what else it does? Eating healthy and mindfully helps create habits that establish an enjoyable, quality life. Eating well-balanced meals help energize you for the day, stabilize moods, help the body run at its best, etc.. Food and diet doesn’t have to be surrounded by what you need to lose. In fact, we encourage you to think about what you can gain from what you eat!


Eating can be complex and rebuilding that relationship with what you eat can take time, but it’s important to find balance like any other relationship! Take the steps toward finding a strong relationship with what you eat, and you may find it easier to establish long lasting habits you’ve always wanted to create! Not sure where to begin? Take the metabolic quiz to find a nutrition plan to renew your relationship with food!



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