Are you Taking Time to Eat?

Modern society has us running around like crazy. Typically people work 50 hours or more in a week. More often than not, we don’t take the right amount of time to just relax. Finding time to work, socialize, workout, eat healthy and stay hydrated can be hard to juggle every day. Do you take the time to just sit down and eat your meals or are you the kind of person who’s eating breakfast on the way to work?


Have you ever thought about how distracted or rushed your meals may be? Did you know that not taking the time to sit down and eat could be contributing to unhealthy eating habits, like eating too fast or too much. There are a few different eating styles that are associated with distractions, and these eating styles might be haunting your weight loss.


Do you find yourself grazing too often?

Even if your snacks are healthy, it’s very easy to mindlessly eat. Ever say to yourself “get these chips away from me?” That’s a good indication that you might be grazing. Eating too much of any one thing can have an impacts on the body. Pro tip: pre-portion your snacks. There’s nothing wrong with snacking, as long as you’re conscious about what you’re eating! Portioned snacks will stop you from eating an entire bag, but still allow yourself to get your munch on while you’re waiting for dinner.


Do you find yourself overly full after meals?

Feeling full to the point that you’re sick is a sign you’re not paying attention while you’re eating. Munching away while watching TV or scrolling through Instagram may cause you to eat too much without you even realizing it. Pro tip: turn off electronics while you’re eating! Set down the phone and pay attention to your food while you’re eating it. You’ll be able to enjoy the food you’ve cooked for yourself if you’re actually present while you eat. Plus, you can start to sense when you’re satisfied with your meal before you get too full!


Feel like you’re hungry five minutes later?

Did you scarf down your meal so quick it’s like you didn’t even eat it? Finding yourself still hungry after a meal might indicate that the quality and quantity of food is sustaining your appetite. Take the time to put together a meal that’s worth it. Don’t make something that’s quick just because you’re rushing off. Make time for your food because this means you’re making time for yourself. Pro tip: meal prep to save your life! Meal prepping can not only save you time, but also gives you a chance to make sure you’re eating enough throughout the entire week, no matter how busy you are. Meal prepping can be done for one or all meals of the day, and can actually allow for you to sit down and enjoy a meal!


Taking time to sit down and eat is just as important as the food you’re eating. Allowing yourself to be present during your meals gives you a chance to enjoy the food and feel its immediate effect on your body. Slowing down to eat reduces the likelihood of overeating or grazing, which could be contributing to unwanted eating patterns. Take your time to eat and actually enjoy your food!




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