Dr. Goglia’s 3 Major Signs You’re Eating the Wrong Foods

Let’s face it, food is everywhere and there are a lot of different options to choose from. But when taking into account the food that makes us feel great and food that makes us feel not so great, the options become a bit narrower. Dr. Goglia discusses 3 major signs you’re eating the wrong foods:

  1. You’re tired!

As explained by Dr. Goglia, if you’re eating foods that simply do not interact well with your body’s chemistry, the body is not likely to utilize that “fuel” as energy. This can lead to tiredness. This idea can be associated with what is often referred to as a “food coma” – usually caused by overeating. However, this feeling of fatigue can be heightened by eating the wrong foods, and especially eating too much of the wrong foods.

  1. You’re inflamed.

If you’re noticing signs of inflammation or discomfort, it is important that you identify which foods are causing those reactions. Any inflammatory response caused by a specific food can lead to unpleasant outcomes and could in fact lead to weight gain. In short, foods that promote inflammation are foods that should be avoided or significantly limited.

  1. Not eating at your metabolic type

Regardless of the foods you chose to eat, your metabolism is usually the gatekeeper when it comes to making the decision whether it is or is not an optimal choice.  And if you’re not eating for your specific metabolic type, you might fall deficit in reaching your weight loss goal or perhaps just feeling your best. Like asked by Dr. Goglia, are you fat-protein efficient, dual efficient, or carbohydrate efficient? Take the quiz to find out!

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