Top 5 Soothing Bedtime Teas

With the new established goal to get to bed earlier in hopes to catch more Zzz’s, finding ways to expedite the “sleepy” feeling is always a great start. The usual “before bedtime” routine can consist of aimlessly scrolling through social media, skipping through television channels, or tossing and turning, and before you know it, it’s 2-3 hours past your ideal bedtime. However, enjoying a caffeine-free herbal tea is an ideal way to soothe and warm the body before resting.


This tea is usually the most common go-to tea when trying to relax or when feeling under the weather. Chamomile tea is made by drying out the small daisy-like chamomile flowers. The sweet subtle tea has a slightly floral, yet sweet taste. Chamomile is not only great for inducing sleepiness, but it can help reduce mental cramps, and inflammation.


Valerian Root

Valerian root tea is another tea made from small dried flowers. Most people describe the flavor of valerian root to be “earthy” or “woodsy” and can settle into a bitter flavor. However, blending this tea with a more subtle tea like camomile or perhaps a light drizzle of honey. Valerian root is studied to help reduce insomnia and can help relieve anxiety.



This flower is probably has the most versatile use; it is often made into essential oils, dried and used as potpourri, used fresh for decor, used in savory or sweet dishes, and last but not least, dried and enjoyed as a tea. Lavender is often used to promote relaxation but can also help reduce inflammation, heal anxiety, and reduce redness/inflammation of skin.


Lemon Balm

Not to be mistaken for lemongrass, lemon balm is often referred to as “balm mint” due to it’s subtle mint flavor and similar look. With similar effects of the other bedtime teas, lemon balm is unique because it can help improve memory and relieve sore muscles. Enjoying this tea warm with a fresh squeeze of lemon is a great way to improve your nighttime routine.


Passion Flower

This beautiful and unique flower is often combined with lemon balm or valerian root to reduce the strong flavor and aroma. However, blending these teas can make a perfect tea blend to wind down with after a long day. In addition to promoting relaxation, passion flower can help reduce blood pressure and ease muscle spasms.


Finding a perfect tea that is not only enjoyable and tasty, but that can help reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and help promote sleepiness is an essential way to make sure you are able to sleep a bit earlier than usual. Find an enjoyable way to prepare these teas; mix teas to make delicious blends, enjoy with a light drizzle of honey, or perhaps with a splash of almond milk. Just try to limit to one cup! You don’t want to disrupt your sleep by rushing to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Happy sleeping.

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