Choosing the Best Protein for Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight, it is essential that you’re consuming enough protein. Protein is key to help repair and build muscle tissues, as well as provide satiety between meals. It is recommended to include a protein source in every meal to complete a balanced and wholesome meal. Sometimes we need supplementary sources of protein for quick meal options or simply to enjoy as a snack. These supplementary sources of protein can include whey protein powders or plant based protein powders. However, finding the right protein can be a challenging task due to the variety of selection on the market. Here are a few tips to choose the protein right for you.

Minimal Ingredients

Generally, this should be the rule of thumb when choosing any packaged food product. As we know, preservatives and “fillers” are usually included in all packaged products to help extend the shelf life – this is normal. However, trying to limit ingredients with your protein can help ensure you’re getting a high quality protein. Read the ingredients and ensure the “protein” is the first ingredient on the list and that “sugar” is not listed.

Limit Sugar

Speaking of sugar, this isn’t an ingredient you want in your protein. Some proteins can include a high quantity of sugar which can turn your “healthy shake” into a milkshake plus some protein – derailing your weight loss! Sugar in protein can lead to digestive distress and can actually set you back on your weight loss goals. Additionally, due to the fact that protein is often usually consumed before a workout, a protein with a high sugar content will more than likely prevent you from having a productive and effective workout. Try to keep the sugar content in your protein under 2 grams per scoop. Read here for reasons to avoid added sugars.

Keep the Carbs and Fat Low and Protein High

Carbohydrates and fat aren’t the enemy! When it comes to your protein powder, you usually just want the supplement strictly for a protein source, no other macronutrient. Aim to keep the carbohydrates under 5 grams, the fat under 1 gram, and the protein over 20 grams per scoop. Following this rule will help meet your goal of finding a protein supplement perfect for your weight loss journey.

Weight loss can be challenging and finding the right meal plan and supplements is key to reaching your goals. Whether it is eating at your metabolic efficiency or consuming high quality protein supplements like PFC Protein, your diet and physical activity should support your lifestyle. Try these delicious Dr. Goglia approved protein shake recipes with your favorite protein or add a scoop to your oatmeal to give your breakfast a boost.

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