Fall’ing into a healthier you!

With these recent weather fluctuations that might have us wondering if Fall is actually REALLY here, some things are nice little reminders that fall is in fact here. Aside from the “pumpkin everything” trend sweeping through our local coffee shops, grocery stores, and restaurant menus, there are certain fall seasonal veggies that are more than tasty. Specifically, these veggies can help protect your those eyes due to high levels of lutein, a carotenoid that has powerful antioxidants effects. Lutein is studied to protect against macular degeneration by filtering out a percentage of short wavelength UV light that can damage the retina. Additionally, lutein has been shown to be beneficial in reducing cataract formation.

Thankfully, with this fall season bringing in these veggies, we are likely to give our eyes a healthy and protective boost if we use these veggies all season long.


Dark Leafy Greens

We usually hear, the darker the leaves, the more nutritious! When it comes to lutein, this is definitely true. Kale coming in on top, followed by spinach and Swiss chard, are a few dark leafy greens that are sure to make your eyes smile. Sub out the usual iceberg lettuce this season and opt for those darker greens or try out a this tasty recipe for a more flavorful take on greens.



During this season, we can’t get enough of squashes like winter squash and especially pumpkin. These fall seasonal veggies can be a nutritious alternative to mashed potatoes any day. However, if your sweet tooth makes way, a winter squash butter will do wonders an ordinary slice of toast or topped on oatmeal while protecting your eyesight.


Sweet Potatoes

This potato is likely making its way on menus all year around due to it’s incredible versatility and is a common, more nutritious, alternative to the regular russet potato. The yellow pigment of the sweet potato usually lets its nutritional profile speak for itself. Containing nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin A, and of course, lutein, sweet potatoes are great for the eyes and skin. For the next gathering (or cheat meal), take this incredibly delicious sweet potato pie

– but shh, don’t tell them it’s vegan.


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