Morning activities that will start your day off great

Hoping that we wake up on the right side of the bed everyday can be a little difficult to rely on. Some nights can be unpredictable; tossing and turning or late night festivities can definitely dictate how well your next day turns out. However, regardless of how your night panned out, there are many things you can do to have a great start to your day.

Enjoy breakfast outside

Eating a balanced breakfast in general is a great way to start off a day; it is great to give your metabolism a boost and it can help with a weight loss goal. However, if you really wanted to get as much bang for your buck, eat breakfast outside. By outside, we mean an outdoor space that is peaceful and calm. Doing so can improve concentration (especially when leaving all electronics inside), it can help reduce stress, and it will allow you to pay attention to the actual meal. Full awareness of what you’re eating will allow you to enjoy the flavors and textures of the food, as well as pay attention to your satiety hormones.



Waking up to an alarm clock blaring and rushing to get ready can be a hectic way to start off a day to say the least. This frantic morning routine can create a more stressful or anxious atmosphere. On the other hand, peacefully starting your morning with a stretching or yoga routine, you are likely to significantly reduce stress levels. In addition, doing a few yoga poses first thing in the morning can be an essential way to boost your energy throughout the day, warm up your muscles, improve your digestive system, and it can lead to improved brain activity.


Brisk walk/jog

Taking things into a slightly more active morning, engaging in a brisk walk or a light jog while the sun rises can help tremendously with any weight loss goal. It is a great way to elevate your heart rate first thing in the morning as well as provide a variety of benefits to your cardiovascular system. This light cardio session can not only reduce risk of developing a chronic illness by reducing blood sugar and blood pressure, but it can help reduce stress markers. Start off with a 10 minute brisk walk and gradually increase!


Go to the gym

This can require a bit more time to complete in the morning, but it is worth every minute! Whether you need to hop in the car and head to a nearby gym or if you’re lucky enough to have a home gym, engaging in a weightlifting session first thing in the morning can lead to amazing benefits. First off, a weightlifting session helps increase the metabolism which leads to increased calories burned after your workout and thought the day. This is ideal for boosting a weight loss goal and gaining lean muscle mass. Additionally, working out in the morning can lead to an improved sleeping schedule; it can increase the likeliness of falling asleep faster and avoiding a late night workout session that can keep you up later than usual.

Whichever morning activity you opt for, an established morning routine can help cultivate consistency and dedication – two main factors that are essential to reaching any goal. Creating a less chaotic and less stressful atmosphere for your day start with you!

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