What to Eat Before Working Out

When it comes to working out, we need all of the energy we can get to run that extra mile or make it through that lifting session. Whether it is waking up before the sun rises or making it in after a long day of work, we all run into the same problem…what do I eat? Should I even eat? How much do I eat? Or worst yet, experiencing an upset stomach from eating the wrong snack. Thankfully, there is a guide for pre-workout snacks for all gym goers.

Working out in 2 or more hours:

A lean protein paired with roasted veggies and brown rice is a perfect balanced meal to prepare yourself 2-3 hours before hitting the gym. The protein will help build those muscles and the rice and vegetables will fuel you with enough energy to finish strong. Eating a full meal too close to a workout can cause adverse effects such as GI issues, nausea, abdominal cramping, and other problems. Giving yourself 2-3 hours to properly digest the meal will help prevent running into any of these workout halting problems.

Other options include a hard boiled egg and avocado topped on oatmeal or a chopped veggies salad topped with a lean protein and sweet potato slices. (Read more on Dr. Goglia’s proteins to maximize weight loss).

Working Out in 2 hours or less:

Having a healthy serving of oatmeal topped with fruit will give you the much needed sustainable energy fueled by a mix of complex and simple carbohydrates. Ensure that your oatmeal is cooked with unsweetened non-dairy milk or water to prevent any GI digestive issues. According to Dr. Goglia, oats usually take 90 minutes to digest and fruit takes on average 30 minutes; the balance between slower digesting carbohydrates and faster digesting carbohydrates will provide that ideal pre-workout boost.

Other options include blending up a protein shake with berries and banana, or wrapping a hard boiled egg and avocado in a gluten-free tortilla wrap. Try out your protein shake with a Dr. Goglia approved PFC protein powder.

Working Out in Less than 1 hour:

For those who either wake up and rush over to the gym or for those who just need a snack before, fruit with a scoop of almond butter or 12 nuts is the easy to-go-to snack. On average, fruit takes about 30 minutes to digest – making this a perfect snack right before the gym. Dr. Goglia will often recommend a scoop of jam or blackstrap molasses with a scoop of almond butter to get good sustainable energy throughout your entire workout.  Another option for is a small protein bar with wholesome ingredients like a RXBAR.

At whatever time you’re choosing to workout, eating the right foods can help you excel and finish strong. Combining a healthy diet and exercise program will help you reach any goal you have. Check out Dr. Goglia’s breakfasts suggestions to help jump start your metabolism.

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