Top 3 Signs of Inflammation

Inflammation is slowly beginning to make a notorious name for itself in response to the negative effects it can have on our bodies.  However, many of us do not exactly know what inflammation is and how it can sabotage a weight loss journey.

To start, inflammation in general is not a bad response – in fact, inflammation responses are ideal to help heal a wound, fight infections, and fight off toxins in the body. On the other hand, it starts to become a problem when the body is under a constant state of inflammation caused by the foods being consumed on a daily basis.

These are the top 3 signs that your food choices are causing inflammation:

Headaches and Body Aches

If someone is experiencing a recurring response of an achy body or the onset of headaches, food can definitely be the culprit.  An inflammatory response can lead to the disruption of blood flow, which can lead to body aches and headaches. Whether you’re skipping meals, consuming dairy products, consuming too much sodium, or not eating to meet your metabolic needs, the body can slip into a stressful state and can trigger this inflammatory response.


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Inflammatory responses in the body can be manifested in many different ways and fatigue is definitely one of them. If the body is experiencing inflammation due to stress from work, excessive exercise, or eating the wrong foods, the brain will send signals to brain that are responsible for depleting energy. Not only is this an uncomfortable feeling, but it will make it difficult to engage in other physical activities that are beneficial for weight loss.

Weight Gain

Whether someone has decided to take on a weight loss journey or perhaps simply maintain a physique, a constant state of inflammation can make losing weight significantly more difficult and could in fact cause weight gain.  When eating foods that simply don’t interact well with a specific body or metabolism, stress hormones are likely to rise-specifically a hormone called cortisol. This hormone can be responsible for slowing down a metabolism.

Being able to control any situation is highly unlikely. However, being able to find a safe and metabolically friendly meal plan can help reduce any undesirable effects from inflammation. Keeping a keen eye on how your body responds to food is a great way to live your best and healthiest life.

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