Refueling After a Workout

Working out comes in different forms, durations, and intensities. However, in many cases, overestimating how many calories burned during an exercise can be a main reason to why your workout routine is not shedding the pounds you expected. Although it is essential to refuel your body after a workout, it is key to be able to chose your best and balanced options.

Making Sure You Snack

Sometimes being able to eat a full balanced meal within one hour after a workout may not be possible. However, it is important to make sure your body doesn’t withstand a long period of not eating in order to keep your metabolism hot. Keeping a non-perishable snack in your gym bag or your car is a great way to stay prepared. Next time you’re in a pinch for time after a workout, keep a snack bag of almonds or a Justin’s Peanut Butter packet with a piece of fruit available or reach for a RxBar for a quick bite.

Eat a Balanced Meal

Eating a balanced meal is an ideal way to refuel after a workout. Whether you workout for one hour doing moderate activity or had an intense workout, eating balanced is key. Based on your metabolic rate, make sure you have a portion of a high quality protein, a carbohydrate, and a vegetable. Check your metabolic rate here.


Exercise can cause our bodies to heat up and sweat. And if you’re not hydrating before, during, or after your workout, you run the risk of dehydrating. Rehydrating with plain or fruit infused water is a great way to hydrate your body without intaking added sugars from a sports drink. Keep your water in hand at all times and you will feel great all day. Keep these tips in mind when trying to hit your water goal.

If you’re exercising to boost your weight loss, be sure to stay on track with your meals and snacks. Although some people may feel like “rewarding” themselves after a workout, it will likely cause a habit of overeating. Exercise to feel good and refuel to continue the great feeling.

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