Top Reasons to Avoid Sugar

Sugar is found both naturally and artificially in foods. It is often added during processing as a preservative as well as a sweetener. Sugar, of course, is found naturally in fruits and vegetables and completely avoiding sugar may be nearly impossible. However, avoiding added sugar can be a key way to boost your health. Here are a few main points to consider the next time you want to add in a few scoops of sugar to your morning coffee…

Empty Calories

Giving those empty un-beneficial calories a boot is a great way to boost your weight loss in addition to reducing your risk for chronic illnesses. Foods with empty calories provide little to no nutrients and are often attributed to weight gain. As a general guide, try to eat with purpose; eat foods that nourish the body with protein, healthy fats, energy, fiber, and vitamins.

Lowers your immune system

It is understood that vitamin C is essential for your immune system. It helps fight bacteria and viruses and protect you from damaging pathogens. Sugar on the other hand has a similar chemical structure as vitamin C. The similarity is chemical structure puts you at risk for sugar taking the place of vitamin C and therefore lowering your immunity. Read here for foods high in vitamin C to include in your diet. 

Puts you at risk for chronic illnesses

In addition to being attributed to weight gain and obesity, overconsumption of sugar is often associated with Type II Diabetes due to increasing insulin resistance, as well as non-alcoholic fatty liver. By reducing your consumption of added sugars in your diet, it will create a huge benefit to your quality of life.

Causes inflammation

Although it’s common for some foods to cause slight inflammation in the body, overconsumption of sugar is often associated with increasing blood pressure and putting you at risk for chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is associated with weight gain and obesity, heart disease, diabetes, sleep disturbances, as well as other negative side effects.

Life is about balance. Although it is likely that you are sure to indulge from time to time with a sweet dessert, it will be highly beneficial to avoid added sugar in your daily diet. As soon as you give that sugar a boot, you’ll be sure to feel a huge difference in your health.

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