How to Use The Weekend to Set Yourself Up for a Successful Week

After a long week of hard work, you are probably ready for a relaxing weekend! Depending on what you enjoy doing during the weekend, Saturday and Sunday may look a little different for everyone. Some people love to be active while others look forward to sitting in their home with a good book, movie, or TV show with no interruptions. 

The weekends are also a good time to pause after a busy week, reset, and get prepared for the week ahead. Without taking those few days to recharge our bodies, ask ourselves what we need, and have some fun, we may get burnt out after a few weeks. Using the weekend to set yourself up for a successful week is a great habit to get into. 

Here are some things to consider incorporating into your weekend routine to set you up to crush the week ahead!

Reflect on Your Week

Take a moment to sit and think about the week you just had. How did you feel? Did you have a stable amount of energy throughout the day or did you find yourself with the afternoon slump a few days of the week? Were you able to plan your meals and snacks, get your water intake in, and take some time for yourself or was prepping and planning difficult for you? By spending the time reflecting on the past week, you can become aware of how it went and use that reflection to make the future weeks even better.

Relax & Recharge

Make sure to take time for yourself on the weekend. Whatever self care looks like for you, prioritize it on one or both of the weekend days to be sure you are rested and ready to go for the upcoming week. If you feel like you do not get enough sleep during the week, be sure to catch up on sleep on the weekends. Go for a walk if you are missing some fresh air. Or visit with friends and family that you may not have time to see during the week. 

Plan and Prepare for the Week to Come

Take some time during the weekends to plan and prepare for the upcoming week. This may mean getting your work bag organized, laying out clothes for a morning workout, or preparing your food for the week. If you know your schedule, sit down and look at each day and plan out when you will take time for a workout or self care so that those are also scheduled into your week. If you find that you do not have all the snacks or food you need, take the time to go out and get what will help you be successful.

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