Easy Ways to Kick Start your Day!

Taking small steps in the right direction is the best way to set yourself up for a successful day! Any amount of effort counts. Sometimes those small steps earlier in the day can lead to a more accomplished one by the end of it. Getting your brain focused on little healthy habits at the beginning is what helps stay motivated later on. Begin your day with some of these goals and see how you feel afterwards!


Drink a Quick Glass of Water 

Water goals are overwhelming some days, and that’s okay! Don’t fixate on the total amount. Start simple with one quick glass of water right after you get out of bed and before you do anything else. Slowly sip as you get ready and begin your day. This glass of water right as you wake up is a great stimulate to get the digestive system moving, which can be especially helpful for the folks with little appetite in the morning. You might surprise yourself with the ease of hitting your water goal for the day with the addition of this new habit!


Early-Morning Stretches 

Get the blood flowing and try to touch your toes! While you’re sipping on your glass of water, take five minutes to stretch the body out. Taking a moment to breathe and move starts to wake the body up and, honestly, it just feels good! Remember the five to ten minutes you take to stretch and wake up the body in the morning can also be added to your total exercise goal for the day. Much like starting early with water, starting early with movement helps get the brain focused on goals to accomplish. Start tackling those goals early on, we promise it’ll make it easier later in the day!


Set your Goals for the Day 

Take the time in the morning to ask yourself what you’d like to accomplish for the day. Goal setting defines the tasks so they are clear and much easier to complete. Goal setting can be anything from an entire schedule for the day to one task to finish. There’s no right or wrong number, but we do suggest setting goals you know you will accomplish. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to eat lunch. Other days we need to plan out when to go to the gym and go grocery shopping. No matter how busy or slow your day is, outlining a few goals early in the day sets the marker on where you’d like to take it.


Motivating yourself to stay focused on any goal can started dwindling towards the evenings. We get tired, end up having busier days than intended… whatever the story, life happens! Starting your day off right can be a pivotal point to continue that motivation all day, or it can be at least one thing you did for yourself in your busy day. No matter the number of goals that are accomplished, getting one done is better than none. Start your day off slow but powerful and try incorporating some new habits this morning!



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