What an Eggcellent way to Start the Week!

Health media has been back and forth about how we should consider incorporating eggs into a regular diet. For many years we’ve heard people say to avoid eggs, to avoid yolks, or just eat the whole thing! As it turns out, eggs can be a really excellent source of nutrition. So let’s debunk some out of date information about eggs and talk about known benefits!


Packed with Protein and Good Fats

The topic of understanding fats can be a little tricky, which is why we recommend reading on what good fats can be. Eggs, contrary to popular belief, are actually a very good source of healthy fats. Healthy fats help feel satiated after a meal, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and potentially reduce the risk of heart disease. Eggs also pack a good punch of protein, which helps contribute to satiation between meals. Protein also helps rebuild muscles after a strong work out. Finding foods that help enrich the body with the macronutrients it needs is the best way to help maintain a healthy weight and also maintain feeling good!


Enriching Vitamins and Minerals

Eggs not only are a good source of two macronutrients, but are also filled with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Eggs are pretty much the hipster of superfoods; a superfood before it was cool to be one! Normally, eggs are an excellent source of vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin D, selenium and phosphorus, which all contribute to healthy immune systems and proper cell functions. Purchasing enriched eggs, which is the case for most pasteurized eggs, can also add some other added vitamins and minerals into the mix. All and all, having an egg a day can give you a dose of nutrients the body needs to keep functioning at highly efficient levels!


Easy Snack 

As we have already mentioned, eggs offer quite a bit of a nutritional punch. That being said, naturally an egg is also an easy snack or even an easy add to any meal! If you’re looking to get a little extra protein or fat in your day, but not looking to consume much more in volume of food, add an egg as a snack! Hard boiling them ahead of time saves you time later and is easy to do in bulk. Eggs can fit into easy DIY snack packs, or makes for a hearty breakfast in the morning. Either way, eggs are an easy food to fit in and get the most nutrition in a small volume!


Eggs can make any day easy, savory, and complete. Eggs have many different ways to fit into a meal plan, and offer complete nutrition every time! Try adding some into your day this week, and see how easy it can be to find balance in any meal!



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