Should I Be Eating So Much?

Taking on a new meal plan comes with a lot of changes for some. It might be a new way to approach grocery shopping, or it could be incorporating a few more fruits than you’re used too. Many feelings can come up as you take steps towards changing any habits, but one of the most common concerns among the community is the worry about portions sizes given on a G-Plans meal plan. We want to calm the nerves, and answer a few commonly asked questions that folks ask the team as they begin their journey.

Should I really eat this much?

It’s normal to feel weary about eating so much, because we’ve been conditioned to eat less. Many fad diets have come and gone, but a common underlying theme is the expectation of limiting some aspect of what you’re eating. Most of the time, fad diets suggest you should restrict calories, and we just don’t feel that’s useful for long term changes. So in short, yes we are expecting you to eat that much, because we want you to feel satisfied and to renew your relationship with food! Remember we’re not asking you to eat loads of junk foods, we’re offering balanced portions of healthy, fresh foods which fill your body with the calories and nutrients you need!


Trust us it’s all relative.

Yes, it might be hard to trust a program you have barely started, but hang with us for awhile. This may seem like a lot of calories or large portions for one day, but remember it’s all relative. First things to highlight, your body needs calories! Yep, we all have a specific number of calories we need just to keep us living.  Next time you find yourself thinking, “Boy, these are a lot of calories!” remember all meal plans are calculated based on what your body needs to sustain normal function. Second thing to look at: volume or portion is relative! 100 calories of broccoli is about 3 cups, but half a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar is about 110 calories. Different foods calculate to different calories and volumes, so don’t worry if you see a large serving of something. Remember, it’s all contributing to the healthy variety your body needs!


But what if I can’t finish?

At the end of the day, do what feels right! At the start of any meal plan, it can be tough to find the room for higher volumes of food, especially if you aren’t used to eating that way before. Feeling comfortable with eating this much food can take time, both for mind and body. Ultimately, you know what feels right. So if you feel full, stop! Don’t worry if you’re not finishing with the meal, you can always come back to it later when you’re feeling less full. Forcing yourself to finish the plate is not the idea here. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. Learn what works for you, and take time to find the ability to finish a plate comfortably!


Change takes a little getting used to, but almost always change comes when it’s needed! Start looking at your food in a  different light, and find ways to enjoy more. Haven’t started a meal plan yet? Take the metabolic quiz to discover the portions and plans for you!



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