Tips to Avoid Overindulging this Weekend

Any holiday can be tricky to navigate when you’re trying to maintain new and healthy lifestyle changes. Don’t fret, there are tricks to incorporate into this week, so you don’t find yourself in too much pain after the Memorial Day Weekend!


Drink Wisely

Memorial Day doesn’t have to be a holiday surrounded by drinking, even if that’s what many folks are participating in. It’s okay to indulge a bit this weekend, just try to do it smartly! Here are some easy ways to carefully navigate your beverage choices if you’re choosing to drink alcohol:

  • Opt for lower calorie beverages. Avoiding high calorie and sugar ones like beer, rum, and whisky are a few ways to feel less pain tomorrow and make indulging in alcohol a little less impactful.
  • Use soda water or tonic to stretch out the drink without actually drinking more calories. There’s no need to pour heavy or often to keep up with everyone else. Adding more non-alcohol creates the feeling you’re drinking more without actually having to do so.
  • Add lime, lemon, or other fruits to spruce up any drink! Drinking low calorie alcohol doesn’t have to be boring. Adding a splash of fresh fruit juice or whole fruit to any drink will make things taste good without adding the calories of other mixers.


Snack Smartly

Much like drinks, a Memorial Day BBQ can offer a lot of unhealthy snacks to choose from. Use some of our tips to sensibly snack this weekend, so you don’t find yourself with a food hangover on Tuesday!

  • Start out small. Overloading your plate with too much food may lead to eating past the point of comfort. Of course you want to make sure you’re enjoying the holiday weekend, but don’t ruin it by making yourself sick from overeating. Start with a small scoop of a few items, sit and take time to enjoy!
  • Don’t forget to add some healthy snacks to your plate! It’s easy to go for the BBQ classics, especially when you may have been avoiding some of the items recently. It’s okay to enjoy these less consumed foods, but try to remember to incorporate some healthy snacks as well. Variety is key, so still make your plate look like a rainbow, even if you’re using this holiday as a cheat day!


Memorial Day is a wonderful time to relax and enjoy time off with friends and family. Even if you’re taking a break from your meal plan to enjoy this time, make sure you’re still making choices to treat your body right.



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