Issues with Low Calorie Diets

One of the top questions from clients who start a meal plan with G-Plans is, “why am I expected to eat so much?” That’s a valid question that we want to answer today! Most diets are geared to lower calories to encourage weight loss, but that’s not what we’re about.


Why Low Calorie Doesn’t Work

First we want to address the conflict with low calorie diets/meal plans. They are a temporary fix to a lifelong problem. If you’re trying to lose weight temporarily, then sticking with a low calorie diet will definitely work. However, most people are looking for a more permanent solution. Low calorie diets work while you’re following them, but once you meet your goal people are often left in the dark on what to do next. Too little calories will increase the cravings for other “unhealthy” foods, and often results in veering from the desired path. Eating too little also means you probably aren’t nourishing your body with the needed energy and nutrients it needs. Of course weight loss is the goal, but it’s more important to make sure you’re developing healthy lifelong habits as well!


The Body Needs Fuel

Eating less calories than normal while trying to lose weight doesn’t actually develop the sustainable habits you need. It’s better to learn what you always need and try to sustain eating this way. Creating long-term-oriented goals will increase the chances of maintaining the healthy weight you want and prevent that yo-yo effect. Eating to supply your body with its needed nutrients will actually reduce cravings for sugary sweets, because you’re body is getting enough food! Depriving your body of needed calories will make you tired, less motivated and in turn result in falling off plan. Aiming for quick fix solutions, like low-calorie-driven diets, are just exhausting. Your body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to keep you running throughout the day, build muscle, and prevent mental fog. Eat what you need so you can perform at your best!

Quality over Quantity

If you’re new to G-Plans, we offer meal plans that are rich in a wide variety of lean proteins, fresh fruits, and enriching vegetables. We try not to focus too much on the numbers, but more so on the quality of food you’re getting. Eating enough is important, but it’s also important that the food is nutrient-dense. Make sure that the food you eat is packed with the things that will keep you running. Imagine your body is a car for a moment. If you spend thousands of dollars on a luxury car, you don’t only use it to get you from a to b; you want to drive that car everywhere. You also make sure to put in the best fuel consistently to get the most out of the purchase. Your body is the same! You should be fueling it so it can do more than the a to b. Fuel your body with the best possible nutrients so it can do more than average!


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