Hate Tracking Meals? Here’s Why you Should Start

Have you noticed how many tracking apps have popped up in the health and fitness world recently? It’s not a coincidence that tracking apps are popular. Tracking meals, water and exercise are one of the best habits to have when trying to stick to a meal plan or implement new healthy lifestyle changes. Tracking meals are a beneficial tool to help create consistency, and here’s why!


Helps you Remember

This may seem like an obvious one, but tracking your meals and water intake is the first step to remembering to eat well! Even if you’re not following a meal exactly as you planned, it’s still a good idea to keep track of what you’re eating. As you get into the habit of regularly tracking meal you start to remember what reasonable portions look like, and making healthy choices will become a second nature soon enough!


Conscious Choices

Being conscious of the choices you’re making when choosing foods to eat is a side effect of tracking your meals. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s good to get into the habit of tracking the “good” and the “bad” meals. The reason for this is because you start to realize the impact each meal has on your day. Seeing this impact leads to health conscious decision-making more regularly.


See What you can Improve

It’s human nature to continue to grow and improve, tracking your meals helps create a log of how you’re progressing. If you’re not seeing the desired changes in weight, but you feel like you’re eating well everyday, reflect on the tracked meals and see where you could fine tune your meals! Logging food is also great way to start to detect patterns of all kinds. Tracking is especially useful in seeing patterns that may trigger falling off the healthy path, and how to avoid or ease those triggers in the future.


Logging meals might seem tedious, but we love it at G-Plans. If you’re new to tracking, take your time to get used to it! Tracking meals regularly takes time to get use to, but it can be the first step in establishing new routines in your healthy journey!



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