Reasons to Consider Gardening this Year

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener who’s lost the gardening gloves or someone with a bit of a brown thumb that needs some guidance, we suggest to pick up gardening this year! Gardening has lots of benefits, and if you’re a little hesitant about getting started, we’ll tell you why you should start planning now!


A Healthy Hobby

Gardening is good for the stomach and the soul! A more obvious benefit to having a garden, is all the good food you get to have at the end of the day. You can choose to grow healing herbs, fresh vegetables, and all will be located at the closest grocery store; your backyard. However, gardening is also a great hobby to de-stress. All the hard work caring for your garden will show, and a feeling of accomplishment and reward will soon follow when you find your garden blooming beauties. Reward yourself with the easiest store to get to and something to show off to the friends and family this year.


The Best Kind of Temptation

Having cabinets that are full of junk food often leads to ruthless temptation, so imagine creating the reverse for yourself. A garden full of fresh process and inviting smells is bound to lead to temptation, but this time temptation to foods that are nourishing. Harvesting baskets of tomatoes and bundles of kale will have you craving to cook hearty meals for you and your whole family. Having a garden could be that trick to craving to eat at home!


Save yourself a pretty penny

Growing from seed is super rewarding, but also can save you bit of cash. Eating healthy means lost of fresh produce, and it can get a little costly sometimes. Growing your favorite staples will not only save you the gas to the grocery store, but now you have an extra dollar to spend elsewhere! Gardening can require some upfront cost, but there are lots cost-effective ways to maintain a garden that produces a profit for you!


A way to Keep Sunny Thoughts

We know, it’s January. For most of us gardening can’t start for another few months, and the harshest snow has yet to happen. But trust us, start planning your garden now. Even if you’re planning on doing a small window box full of herbs, it’s best to start investigating what it takes to keep up a garden. Learning more about the process now, might have you surprise with how soon you can start growing fresh produce, and will keep your thoughts a bit brighter as the snow piles up. Take the time to plan things out now, and save yourself the trouble of rushing later on! Get together list of your favorite foods on your meal plan, and see what foods you can grow this year!



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