Worst Habits you MUST Stop

Have you ever heard the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick?”- we have, and we are here to challenge it. Of course breaking habits or building new ones can be difficult, especially if you are set in your ways, but it is possible! When it comes to getting on track with a healthier lifestyle, putting an end to certain habits can take you a long way and can actually help you get closer to a weight loss goal.


Skipping Breakfast

On average, breakfast is usually the most common meal skipped. Whether it is because time constraints, no appetite, or opting for the cup of coffee instead, getting into this habit can impede your health and weight loss goal. Skipping the most important meal of the day can lead to overeating at other meals, increased cravings, energy drips, and a slow metabolism. If you’re not a breakfast person, start off with something small. Opt for a piece of fruit with almond butter or a small portion of oatmeal topped with walnuts.


Sedentary Activities

Let’s face it, jumping on the couch and binge watching a good television show is appealing after a long day at work. However, getting into the habit of engaging in sedentary activities throughout the week can put the brakes on getting in that heart-healthy physical activity. Although some sedentary activities such as knitting, card playing, completing puzzles, or reading can be beneficial to brain development and focus, incorporating more physical activities can help balance it out. Opt for a daily 20 minute walk around the neighborhood, a friendly game of racquetball, or gardening to help move those muscles and burn a little extra calories throughout the day.


Skipping the Stairs

With today’s day and age, technology is designed to make life easier and get us to places as quickly and efficient as possible. On the other hand, the inventions of elevators and escalators have definitely given us a slight disservice. Of course we don’t expect opting for the stairs when heading to the top of a high-rise building, but we do suggest getting into those extra steps when climbing a couple of floors. This small habit change can help accelerate the heart rate and gradually improve cardiovascular activity.


Winding Down with Alcohol

It is fair to say that many of us can be guilty of doing this once or twice. The “it’s been a long day, I need a drink” mentality can be okay on occasions of rarity. However, this way of “winding down” or overcoming a difficult work day can be a slippery slope. This habit of opting for an alcoholic beverage not only adds unnecessary and empty calories to the end of your day, but it could in fact slow down the metabolism. On most days, try relaxing with a soothing cup of tea instead!


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